What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

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Eyeliner of one kind or another has been used by women for centuries to make their eyes appear bigger, more noticeable, and lovely. But in our modern world, who has the time to fuss with the smudging and mistakes that come with traditional eyeliner?

To avoid this daily nuisance while still looking their best, many women choose permanent eyeliners. Permanent eyeliner, also known as an eyeliner tattoo, involves using microneedles to implant pigments into the eyelid.

Want to learn more about this treatment and whether it could be suitable for your eyes? Learn more about how this process works and what you can expect if you choose to book your appointment.

What to Expect

Your appointment may last anywhere between one and three hours, depending on the style you choose. Before beginning with the needle, your technician will apply a numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable.

Once the area becomes numb, the artist will use a cosmetic machine (microneedle) to insert microdroplets of ink under your skin. Finally, the artist will apply an eye ointment to the tattooed area to promote healthy and quick healing.

Does the Process Hurt?

When dealing with an expert artist, this process is generally painless. And because a numbing ointment is used, you may feel discomfort rather than pain. It may be even more comfortable than a tattoo with numbing cream.

Styles of Permanent Eyeliners

There are two eyeliner styles: the tight line and the full eyeliner. In the tight line style, the ink will be applied between your eyelash layers. As a result, it will enhance your eyelashes by darkening them. On the other hand, a classic eyeliner look involves using pigment above your lash line.

If you’re looking for a way to feel more confident without makeup, the tight line may be preferable. But for those looking to replace a makeup look with permanent makeup, you’ll want the full eyeliner to replace what you’d typically apply.

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

The time it will take for your eyeliner to heal will depend on the style you’ve chosen and how you care for the tattooed area. After the process, you can immediately walk home. The tattooed area may become swollen, but this will not stop you from daily activities. The eyeliner may take between three and seven days to heal. During this time, it’s advisable not to wear mascara.

Try Permanent Makeup for Yourself

Permanent makeup allows you to get out of bed looking your best. If this is something you want, it only takes a few hours with a technician. And now that you know what to expect, you can schedule a permanent makeup appointment with confidence.

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