Why Do People Get Areola Tattoos?

Woman against breast cancer


Areola tattoos, also known as nipple tattoos, are done the same way other cosmetic tattoos are. An areola tattoo alters the appearance of the areola, changing the shape or giving people a nipple if they do not have one. This way of tattooing requires advanced technique as there is a lot of shading and different coloured pigments involved to make the tattoo look as real and natural as possible. Pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin to create an image.

Many people who get areola tattoos are cancer survivors who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery or a double mastectomy if both breasts were affected. This treatment can offer so much healing to someone who has experienced a drastic life-altering experience to reconnect with their previous self. Areola tattooing is also an excellent alternative to getting nipple reconstruction surgery. It is much quicker, easier and non-invasive in comparison.

Cancer survivors, who have had a sex change or have suffered scarring, are not the only people areola tattooing helps. Some people do not like the shape or colour of their areola. Tattooing gives you complete control over how a part of your body looks by changing the shape and colour to what the client desires. Anyone unhappy with their natural nipple can benefit from areola tattooing.

Trans and non-binary clients can also benefit if they have received top surgery or reconstruction surgery. In addition, areola tattooing can also benefit burns victims, people who have had skin grafts, or other scarring that affect their chest area, which has affected the nipple.

Some breast surgeries leave the nipple intact, but this may cause scarring or a misshapen areola. These can be camouflaged by visually improving the nipple, tattooing over them to even out the shape, size and colour of the nipple.

Areola tattooing can be an advantage to many people for a lot of reasons, both aesthetically and psychologically. It is a great way to help men and women construct their bodies the way they want it, as it helps boost their self-confidence and make them feel natural by providing a positive self-image. Anyone who is unhappy with their natural nipple can benefit from areola tattooing and achieve the result they are looking for.

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