Cosmetic Experience

Tattooing Experience

Step one

Prior to the appointment, we will send you the New Client Information Page. It is important that you follow everything on the page or you will be turned away during the consultation. When you arrive for the appointment, you will fill out your medical history and client consent forms. We’ll review this information and then evaluate your skin type, allergies, and any medical conditions. We’ll talk about your brows and your brow goals. It’s a good idea to come into the appointment with how you normally draw in your eyebrows so that we have a good reference point .

Step Two

Brow Mapping & Design
After we learn your preferences and what brows you’re looking for; we’ll map out, draw, and measure your new brows using your facial features and bone structure so that your new brows fit naturally with your entire face. Eyebrow mapping is a precise technique and is done by using various tools such as brow rulers, calipers, and mapping string to create the perfect brows. The rest of the hairs that fall outside of the drawing of your new brows will be removed with a disposable razor to ensure your brows look fresh and groomed. We’ll take a look at the different ink pigments and choose a color that’s perfect for you. We will not start until you are completely satisfied with the color and design of your brows.

Step Three

Tattooing Procedure
We will lightly prick your brows and apply a numbing cream for about 10 minutes. Then we put in hair strokes all along the outline of the brows using a disposable microblading pen. The ink pigment is implanted into the dermis right below the epidermis. This step is called the “first pass”. The additional pigment is rubbed in and then numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable. For the “second pass”, we’ll follow the same steps again and fill in the rest of the brows with hair strokes. The additional pigment is rubbed in and after a few minutes, we will wipe and reveal your new brows. The actual tattooing process will take roughly less than an hour. During the first treatment for microblading, it is important to be conservative the first time. We can always go darker and bolder at the touch-up!

Step Four

This is the beginning of caring for your new brows by following the aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. Make sure you follow the instructions closely as this is crucial in keeping those eyebrows looking great! Be prepared for your brows to look a little red and really dark! – don’t worry, they will fade in color 30-50% to the desired color.

Step Five


Microblading is a two-step (sometimes three-step) process. Before you leave our studio, we will book your second session, the touch-up. At that time, we will reevaluate how you’ve healed and go darker or bolder and add more strokes where strokes have faded. Once completed, enjoy your new set of brows!